Have You Got Your Dog Dog Tags? – [WSB Public Vote]

[WSB] Public Vote

Have you got your dog dog tags?

And we’re not talking about the tags in the washington post

We mean does your dog wear dog tags?

See… when people read blogs about pets it’s usually about health related issues. Like this post from the Huffington Post

But rarely do dog owners read blog posts regarding safety.

Dog tags for dogs is a quick, cheap and easy solution to a somewhat innocent issue for today’s world.

What issue are we talking about?

The missing dog issue.

A safety issue all dog owners should be at least aware of.

So, let’s begin again with…

Have you got your dog dog tags?

dog dog tags

A weird question we know. But here’s why we’re asking it…

More than half of pet owners do not have id tags on their dogs.

This innocent mistake is resulting in over 5 dogs a day going missing on the streets of the UK alone.

Globally it’s a bigger crisis. Today we tackle an issue WSB style with a public vote for all our viewers.

By doing this we can build our own image of dogs with dog tags and those without. Helping us tackle the ever growing missing dog problem.

How do we plan on doing this?

By teaming up with elite social pet brand – Dog Tags For Pets to bring you a completely free doggy dog tags collection.

This includes free engraving on all tags. simply message the retailer above with your message and let them do the rest.

There is a small charge for the shipping and handling of your shiny new dog tags. However, it is very reasonable.

You can of course create your own by using the video below:

However, we do not recommend it.

Instead pay a small charge at DTFP! After all, you’ve just got free dog tags with free engraving.

Visit www.dogtagsforpets.co.uk today to claim your offer.


Wasaga Beach Cruisers

Are Dog Id Tags Engravable?

Today we’re talking about dogs… And more specifically engravable Id tags for your dog.


Because here at WasagaBeachCrusisers.com we love pets.

We believe every owner should uphold a certain amount of responsibility when having a dog…

And it starts with the little things.


The other day, a friend of ours came round to tell us the awful news…

His dog had gone missing and he had no way of getting him back!




“Didn’t he have any dog tags on” I asked?… “Or at least some form of ID at least”?

My friend looked back with regret admitting not ever thinking he’d need one…

And that is why today we’re taking action!


Dog id tags may be something simple but should not be looked past!

There are plenty of vendors online that produce engravable id tags for a fair price but we
have found somewhere that blows them ALL out the water!

Keep reading to find out Wasaga Beach Cruisers top recommendations for high quality,
beautiful looking, engravable dog id tags you can get…. COMPLETELY FREE! 




Recently we found this start up store on FaceBook.

They had great reviews and buyer testimonials so we checked them out…


Introducing: Dog Tags For Pets

Dog Id Tags for Pets


These guys have the best collection of custom dog id tags we have ever seen!

And every single one is engravable completely free of charge!

AND, if that wasn’t crazy enough….

Right now they are running a 90% OFF FLASH SALE!






So, you could spend your time reading forums trying to find the perfect vendor for your
dog tags like these dog owners

Or you can save yourself time and money and visit Dog Tags For Pets for all your engravable dog id tags needs above.

Much Love