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Thanks to everyone that came out for this year's final cruise night.  The sun came through for us and a great time was had by all!  Don't forget to check our website regularly for updates throughout the off season and see you next summer!!!!!

Bob Wilson (Flathead)   

The Wasaga Beach Cruisers are saddened by the passing of Bob Wilson. 

Bob was a long time member of the club, easily recognized everywhere he went with his “flathead” license plate and the distinctive sound of his 34 Ford Coupe. He was the area’s most knowledgeable expert in all things flathead. He was a “builder” and over the years, he contributed to the creation of numerous cars, from stock cars in his younger days to the 53 Monarch (ELVIRA) completed in the last few years.

He enjoyed the hobby to its fullest.  He was a regular participant and winner in car shows, which some time ago earned him the nickname “Trophy Bob”. He was a member of the Early Ford V8 club and locally a member of Barrie Thunder Classics.

Bob was normally a very quiet individual, but a true “Ford man” and on that topic could talk for hours and was always willing to assist others in drawing from his vast experience.

His “stable” included a 34 Ford Coupe, (FLATHEAD),a 1932 Model A, a 1965 Thunderbird convertible, a 1953 Monarch (ELVIRA), a 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood, and even a 1947 Harley.

Truly a great loss to the collector car and hot rod hobbies, and a good friend.


Rev it up Bob!


Wasaga Beach Cruisers Car Club is comprised of approx 100 members with a common interest in antique vehicles. Members are involved in the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of these vehicles. Some have been restored to original condition, some have been modified and others have survived in their original state.

The club meets each Monday evening at the Wal-Mart shopping centre in Wasaga Beach (see map under the "news & info" tab for location details). Through barbeques and food drives, held throught the year, the club raises money to donate to local charities

If you are interested in antique vehicles please join us any Monday evening, to see some fine vehicles, enjoy some nostalgic music and perhaps support our fund raising activities.   

While you are here on the website, click on the tabs at the top of the page for additional information about the Club and antique cars in general and please don't forget to sign our guestbook before you leave.

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